Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Crayola 2.1 MP Camera - Green (24073-PDQ) Colors May Vary, Fun in my opinion

A yesterday. I search for information on the Crayola 2.1 MP Camera - Green (24073-PDQ) Colors May Vary, so i would like to describe here.

Crayola 2.1 MP Camera - Green (24073-PDQ)

Entertain your little photographer with this Crayola 2.1 MP Camera. The built-in memory takes over 120 photos the camera buttons are colored and straightforward and the camera has both a viewfinder and a LCD screen. The software that comes with the camera called Color Genie is more than just photo editing software in that it is also kid-friendly. It is also compatible with both .... Read more or Check Price

Comments from other users

My little girl loves. take photos of everything. It came in the mail very fast. "The color varies from what I order but she still likes .""Il colore varia da quello che ordino ma le piace ancora .""""""it""The color varies"1truefalse607030"from what"2truefalse987350"I order"3truefalse999570""4falsefalse992780"but"5truefalse926890"she still likes"6truefalse9269120"."7falsefalse92612130"Il colore varia"1"The color varies"607truefalse"Color varies"0truefalse"The color ranges"0truefalse"Colour varies"0truefalse"Its color varies"0truefalse015"Il colore varia da quello che ordino ma le piace ancora .""da quello che"2"from what"987truefalse"from that"0truefalse"by what"0truefalse"on what"0truefalse"from what I"0truefalse1629"""ordino"3"I order"999truefalse"I command"0truefalse"Ordino"0truefalse"ordered"0truefalse"dictate"0truefalse3036""""4""992falsefalse3738"""ma"5"but"926truefalse"but it"0truefalse"it"0truefalse"yet"0truefalse3941"""le piace ancora"6"she still likes"926truefalse"still likes"0truefalse"she still likes to"0truefalse"she likes even"0truefalse"likes even"0truefalse4257"""."7"."926falsefalse5859"""Il colore varia da quello che ordin ma le piace ancora ."6"it"60 by G. Guel

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