Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review LEGO Friends Heartlake, My nine year old daughter LOVES all the lego friends ...

The week ago. I'm looking for information on the LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall 41058 Building Set, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall 41058

Head to Heartlake Shopping Mall for a girls' day out Stephanie and Emma are driving there in their new convertible for a fun day of fashion. Check out the sports shop and try on a dress in the bridal boutique. Then head to the food court for a slice of pizza before a well-earned relax in the spa with Sophie. Take some pictures in the photo booth before strutting down the catwalk .... Read more or Check Price

The opinions of the customers who bought this item

Lots of fun easy to put together. My 10 year old daughter got this for his birthday and loves it. "Legos are awesome ""Lego sono impressionanti """"""it""Legos"1truefalse999010"are awesome"2truefalse906130""3falsefalse906340"Lego"1"Legos"999truefalse"Lego"0truefalse"Tie"0truefalse"Bind"0truefalse"The Lego"0truefalse04"Lego sono impressionanti ""sono impressionanti"2"are awesome"906truefalse"are impressive"0truefalse"is impressive"0truefalse"are staggering"0truefalse"are striking"0truefalse524""""3""906falsefalse2526"""Leg sono impressionanti "6"it"60 by Educating Rita

"My nine year old daughter loves all sets of lego friends""La mia figlia di nove anni ama tutti i set di amici lego""""""it""My"1truefalse999010"nine year old daughter"2truefalse999150"loves"3truefalse995560"all sets of"4truefalse871690"lego"5truefalse6719100"friends"6truefalse67110110"La mia"1"My"999truefalse"Is my"0truefalse"Mine"0truefalse06"La mia figlia di nove anni ama tutti i set di amici lego""figlia di nove anni"2"nine year old daughter"999truefalse726"""ama"3"loves"995truefalse"likes"0truefalse"loves to"0truefalse"likes to"0truefalse"love"0truefalse2730"""tutti i set di"4"all sets of"871truefalse"all sets from the"0truefalse"all sets from"0truefalse"all records in"0truefalse3145"""lego"5"lego"671truefalse"tie"0truefalse"bind"0truefalse"Legos"0truefalse"the Lego"0truefalse5256"""amici"6"friends"671truefalse"friend"0truefalse4651"""La mia figlia di nove anni ama tutti i set di amici leg"6"it"65. He actually used her birthday money to buy the ' Heartland Shopping Mall. by M. Downey

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